H&M Group implements Digital IDs across their Mens Essentials Collection to embed commerce into each item, scale new business models and incentivize sustainable consumer habits.

H&M Group is implementing Digital IDs across its products to unlock new intelligence, commerce and sustainability.

Beginning with the Men’s Essentials collection, every item is embedded with a unique Digital ID that stores and records key product information. Customers can scan a QR code on their garment to learn more about their product, shop matching styles or repurchase. Customers can also return to the experience to access services to prolong the item's lifecycle including care, resale and recycling.

The Group’s vision is to expand digitization across brands and products over the coming years.

Through the Digital ID, our products become a continuous gateway to customers, creating a new channel for storytelling, aftercare, styling advice and sustainability information, along with services for recycling. By bringing more information to customers, we can build trust and encourage participation in circular models.
Pascal Brun, Head of Sustainability, H&M

Customers are showing an appetite for information


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A unique Digital ID for every item

Beginning with the Mens Essentials Collection, H&M is implementing Digital IDs on every item powered by EON Product Cloud

Men's Essentials Collection

Each item in the collection is embedded with a QR code that customers can scan to shop, style, repurchase and eventually resell or recycle.