Can Digital IDs turbocharge resale for brands? PANGAIA thinks so.

Introducing PANGAIA ReWear, the first Digital ID-enabled resale platform.

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In a pioneering move with transformative potential, PANGAIA has partnered with EON and Archive to launch ReWear: the first Digital ID-enabled resale platform. Customers can buy and sell PANGAIA pieces with a click of a button using the item’s Digital ID.

“When reselling an item becomes this easy – and trustworthy – then resale becomes much more appealing to the average consumer.” – The PANGAIA Collective

Every product is pre-programmed for resale

The Digital IDs include all item information (product name, material, color, etc.) to enable each product to be instantly uploaded to the Rewear platform for easy resell.

  • Customer Value: A frictionless resale experience that removes critical barriers
  • Brand Value: Increased profits, control and visibility into the resale journey
  • Reseller Value: Instantly authenticate, price and process incoming items

Scan, list and instantly resell

Made possible through a collaboration between EON and Archive, ReWear is the first resale platform of its kind, with technology making the resale process easy and efficient. The Digital IDs streamline the process for all parties, improve the customer experience and will also offer guidance on pricing. Sellers will be recommended a figure based on the historical retail price and item condition.

“Digital IDs improve the consumer experience. And we're seeing more brands want to adopt over time.” – Emily Gittins, CEO and Founder, Archive

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