What if your sold products continued to generate data?

Gain valuable product feedback, learn how customers interact with their items and access real-time, actionable data across their life cycles.

A single source of truth for the entire product lifecycle

What happens when your products leave the store? It’s a simple question, but most brands don’t know the answer. EON aggregates and records product lifecycle events – from manufacturing and production to customer use, repairs and resale.

Gain actionable data and competitive advantage

Learn more about customer habits and preferences, product longevity, circularity and more.

Capture lifecycle events such as sale, resale, repair and recycling.

Seamlessly exchange product data with any partner, app or platform through the EON API.

Dismantle data silos and solve interoperability challenges

EON gathers, organizes and standardizes your product data for instant accessibility across the retail value chain.

  • Import data from PLM, ERP, CRM and other systems for a unified view of your products

  • Standardize and exchange product data across the value chain

  • Care and repairInstantly connect to pre-integrated partners using EON API

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of the value of connected products will be driven by interoperability

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How it works


Create Digital ID and embed a scannable label on each item


Share and exchange IDs with any partner


View events and interactions recorded in real time

Power new business models with Digital IDs

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