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Unlock Digital Product Passports at NRF 2024

NRF 2024: Exploring retail’s leading traceability and Digital ID platform.

Booth #6263
Javits Convention Center, New York

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Muriha Qidwai
US Commercial Director, EON
Cillian Drury
UK Commercial Director
Matthew Neibert
Chief Technology Officer, EON
Elyse Tosi
VP, Accounts + Product Strategy, EON
Natasha Franck
Founder + CEO, EON
Paola Laudazi
Director of Accounts, EON

At NRF 2024, we showcased how our innovative platform enables brands to trace products end-to-end and increase lifetime profits.

Highlights from the event:
  • Guests explored the EON Product Cloud platform to understand how brands such as Coach, Balenciaga and Chloé are using it to trace their products end-to-end, connect with customers and drive compliance
  • Connected products were available for people to see, touch and interact with in real life across a number of retail categories including fashion, cosmetics and furniture
  • Our team of experts in traceability, compliance, brands protection and more demoed the potential of Digital ID technology for business

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"Digital IDs can unlock a world of potential for extending the lifespan of our wardrobes. This technology provides opportunity for customers to engage more deeply with their luxury and fashion products – see how they’ve been made, where they’ve come from, and eventually enable them to be more easily passed onto a new owner. We see a future where Digital IDs have played an important part in helping us to shift mindsets around longevity and circularity."

Sustainability Manager, YOOX Net-a-porter

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