February 26, 2024

EON Selected for CIRPASS-2 to Advance the E.U.’s Digital Product Passport

EON will be participating in the E.U.-funded CIRPASS-2 pilots, which aim to inform legislation and advance adoption.

Cementing its position as a leader in helping brands prepare for upcoming policy, EON has been invited to join the E.U.’s CIRPASS-2 project to inform and advance the European Union’s 2027 Digital Product Passport (DPP) legislation.

In this pilot program, EON will partner with a large fashion group to introduce Digital Product Passports across their products, leveraging our Product Cloud platform to enable consumers access to transparent information and resources on circular services. The primary objective of CIRPASS-2 is to demonstrate functioning DPPs in real settings and at scale in textile and electronics value chains as well as full interoperability of the DPP information system. 

EON has previously been a Technology Stakeholder to the CIRPASS consortium. This next pilot as part of CIRPASS-2 will demonstrate the pioneering role of DPPs to enable interoperable, at-scale circular systems and help to codify this intelligence into the EU Commission’s DPP legislation for the entire industry. 

"We are thrilled to participate in the CIRPASS-2 Digital Product Passport pilots — accelerating true sustainable business model transformation in the fashion retail industry by enabling critical traceability and communication. It’s an honor to be selected as one of the technology providers in CIRPASS-2, which will set the standards around the world for the way industries work together to enable new, circular business models."


Founder + CEO, EON

One of Europe’s leading organizations for collecting, sorting, re-selling and recycling textiles, will also be part of the pilot, connecting to DPPs via the EON Product Cloud platform to access product and material critical to driving circular business processes. The partner will also share back events data into the item’s DPP – for example, when and where a recycling event took place. This partnership builds on the Industry Action Plan, Digital ID for Circular Systems that EON developed in 2024 in partnership with Accelerating Circularity.

In 2022, the European Commission established the DPP as the system to support sustainable production and enable the transition to a circular economy. Its implementation intends to boost material and energy efficiency, extend product lifetime and optimize product design, manufacturing, use and end of life handling. In addition to sharing sustainability- and circularity-related data along the value chain, the objective of the DPP is to provide new business opportunities through digital and circular value retention and optimization. Ultimately the DPP will help consumers make more sustainable choices while transforming product traceability, transparency, and circularity. 

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