Last updated:
September 21, 2022

Scaling Circular Systems with Digital IDs

Developed in partnership with Accelerating Circularity, this report examines how brands can use Digital ID technology to scale textile-to-textile recycling systems.
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Scaling Circular Systems with Digital IDs


You'll walk away with:

A roadmap to scale circular models

This report details the challenges of a textile-to-textile circular system and the tools and technologies to solve them.

Viable technology infrastructure

The action plan makes a case for a global digital ecosystem with adoption of shared standards.

Best practices for interoperability

Best practices and standards for brands to deploy, capitalize, and connect to an interoperable fashion system.

Featured Contributors

Amelia Eleiter
CEO + Co-Founder, Debrand
Chad Bolick
SVP, Brand Sales, Unifi Manufacturing
Raymond Randall
Senior Manager, Textiles, WM
Nicole Bassett
Founder, The Renewal Workshop
Claire Bates
Associate Director of Partnerships, EON
Karla Magruder
Founder, Accelerating Circularity

"The Action Plan reviews the challenges, opportunities, and imperatives to developing the digital infrastructure underlying a data-driven circular fashion system. If designed correctly, digital identification solutions have the potential to provide brands with the financial incentives for scalability, customers with services and transparency, circular value chain stakeholders with essential product and material data, and policy initiatives with the data for measurement and accountability."

Karla Magruder
Founder, Accelerating Circularity

Industry-Aligned Action Plan: Digital ID to Scale Circular Systems
EON and Accelerating Circularity, in partnership with Eunomia Research and Consulting, announce the launch of an Industry-Aligned Action Plan Digital ID to Scale Circular Systems.

The report illuminates the transformational role of Digital ID technology, outlines its challenges and opportunities and codifies best-practices, roadmaps and solutions – essential to scale textile-to-textile circular business models. This Action Plan introduces a viable, industry-wide system for collection and sorting to profitably grow fashion’s circular economy. It also calls on the imperative of data standards, digital interoperability and cloud infrastructure essential to fueling this network for brands to start capitalizing.

“One of the greatest challenges the industry is facing is how to identify products accurately to support the development of end-markets, be it improved reuse and resale, collection, sorting, pre-processing or recycling. All the pieces are in place for Digital ID-enabled products to deliver the solution. What’s needed now is a commitment by organizations throughout the value chain to collaborate on trialing and scaling these technologies, to unlock a circular economy for textiles.” – Sarah Edwards, CEO, Eunomia Research and Consulting, North America.

The Action Plan shares how global adoption of Digital IDs would connect products, their producers, new service models and recycling systems to create an intelligent, interdependent cloud-infrastructure for commerce.

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