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Our Trust Center is designed to provide transparency, clarity, and easy access to our latest security, compliance, legal, and privacy information. Our approach to security, data privacy and protection aims to keep your data safe, process it in compliance with data privacy legislation, protect it from misuse, and support your data subjects’ rights.

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EON Product Cloud

EON is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for product data management and digitization, enabling retail brands to create, connect and capitalize on Digital IDs.

  • How it works
    EON generates, stores and manages a comprehensive, cloud-based data profile or Digital ID for every physical product at the item level. Brands can integrate data from internal and third-party systems to create a single source of truth for each product. Each item’s Digital ID stores core attributes (e.g. size, color, description, material, etc) and can be enriched with data from partners, certifiers, manufacturers and more across its lifecycle (e.g manufacturing facility information, impact data, certifications). This Digital ID is connected to its associated physical product with a data carrier (i.e. NFC, RFID, QR Code, etc.), enabling the item to share data and services with customers.

  • Use cases
    Once the item is connected, brands can connect their products to customers, business partners, market authorities and more, along with a range of apps and services through our partner ecosystem, EON Exchange, to drive new capabilities and use cases. EON facilitates permissioned data exchange throughout the product’s lifecycle (i.e. supply chain, retail, customer use, resale, recycle, etc), enabling brands to unlock and optimize diverse use cases such as traceability, policy compliance, authentication, resale, recycling and more, while gaining new visibility into the circulation of their products.

EON Data Management

Product data are at the core of what we do at EON. As a Software-as-a-Service, EON manages product data on behalf of our clients. EON Product Cloud primarily stores product data. The personal data processed by EON Product Cloud is minimal and is subject to organizational, technical, and contractual controls including Data Processing Agreements and Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure compliance with data privacy laws. To read more about what personal data is processed and why, click here.

ON Product Cloud is virtually schemaless and can manage product data in any format, enabling brands to transform and optimize product data to align to industry standards and custom data scopes. EON supports granular and flexible product data management at the item level, with the ability to manage thousands of attributes associated with an item's unique Digital ID, in any format (standardized, custom, and brand and product-specific). Some examples of data fields included in the EON Product Cloud include: Name, Size, Color, GTIN, SKU, Photography, Description, Size, Materials, Certifications, Manufacturing Facilities.

EON Exchange

EON Exchange is a marketplace of partners, apps and services, available through EON Product Cloud. It enables brands to exchange permissioned data with opted-in partners to enrich and extend the capabilities of digitized products.

EON Exchange primarily exchanges product data. For client approved use cases where personal data is processed, technical, organizational, and contractual controls in place. To read more about what personal data is processed and why, click here.

Through EON Exchange:

  • Brands own and are the controllers for all data the brand, or the brand’s consumers through the EON Consumer Experience, share with ecosystem partners. How and which data is used is subject to usage restrictions created through contractual obligations based on detailed use cases.

  • Brands control where their data is shared and which fields are shared for each recipient. For example, with resale partners, brands can share only the fields required to automate the resale process.

  • Brands access all data generated through EON Exchange in raw form or through EON’s reporting and insights capabilities — delivering full visibility into all interactions with their Digital IDs.

EON Consumer Experience

EON Consumer Experience enables brands and retailers to create customized, value-oriented, relationship-building experiences that consumers access by scanning the items in their possession. These experiences help brands and retailers to engage with consumers in-store and in-home, with contextually relevant content that provides brands and retailers with a window into consumer behavior and the post-sale life of the products they sell. Depending on the specific objectives of the consumer experience, personal data collection and processing can vary significantly. From growing consented subscribers for email and text marketing communications to collecting product usage feedback, EON provides several options to satisfy data transfer, security, hosting, and regional storage requirements. EON Consumer Experience processes a minimal amount of personal data. To read more about what personal data is processed and why, click here.

Privacy Rights Contact

To submit data subject rights requests, please submit your request through one of the contact points listed below. Please note, EON most often acts as a processor or service provider to our clients or partners who are controllers of the personal data we process. In those cases, your request will be communicated to the controller. In certain circumstances your rights requests may be delayed or rejected in accordance with the data privacy laws that governs your rights. In such cases, we will provide you with an explanation regarding any delay or rejection.

‍Mail: EON Group Holdings, Inc.
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