Increase customer trust with secure product verification

From high-security identifiers to AI-powered intelligence, protect your brand with multi-layer authentication solutions.

Reduce counterfeits and prevent fraud with multi-layer brand protection

Prevent the illegitimate sale of fakes and recover stolen revenue with robust, multi-layer brand protection solutions.

A phone tapping an NFC chip on a trench coat to access embedded services such as resale

Create trusted, secure and valuable products

Trace your products’ journeys and prevent the illegitamate sale of fakes.

Increase customer trust with authenticity certificates and product validation.

Automate product authentication for returns management, resale product processing and more.

Protect your products with high-security identifiers

Prevent fraud and verify product authenticity with high-security physical product identifiers.

  • Support for any identifier – from secure QR Codes and NFC chips to hidden identifiers
  • Block suspicious access to your customer experience with protected redirects
  • Verify product authenticity with Type 5 embedded chips

Increase customer trust with instant authentication

Provide customers with Digital Certificates to prove item authenticity and increase trust.

  • Enable customers to prove the authenticity of their item at any time
  • Know your customers with Digital Certificate registration and transfer
  • Unlock new insights and personalization opportunities by pairing customer

Prevent fraud with AI-powered intelligence

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Verify ownership with receipt image recognition and validation
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Prevent the sale of fakes by verifying item location, sale events and more
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Receive notifications when suspicious events are recorded

Authentication partners

Enhance brand protection with access to pre-integrated authentication partners through our EON Exchange.


Authentique protects and authenticates products using visual recognition technology.


Identiv provides total IoT solutions including RFID and NFC across a broad spectrum of capabilities.

KORE Technologies

KORE Technologies authenticates luxury valuables through blockchain certificates and facilitates digital product ownership.

Nexgen Packaging

NexGen offers sustainable packaging, tag and label solutions for the apparel industry.

SML Group

SML Group offers technology-driven inventory management solutions including Inspire™ tags, encoding solutions and enterprise-class RFID software Clarity®.

Coach launches Coachtopia with Digital IDs powered by EON to drive lifecycle transparency, scale circular business models and support on-product authentication.

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