February 28, 2024

The Digital Product Passport and the revolution of data sharing in sustainable fashion

Data sharing is revolutionizing the fashion industry. A requirement of the EU’s forthcoming legislation, Digital Product Passports (DPPs) will accelerate brands’ sustainability promises to actionable results by requiring the availability and accessibility of specific data to ensure transparency.

DPPs will act as a tool and powerful catalyst for transforming sustainable business models through three key dimensions:

  • Enhancing environmental sustainability by declaring aspects related to a product’s overall impact
  • Promoting circularity by considering durability, repairability and the extension of a product’s lifespan
  • Facilitating legislative compliance by addressing several regulatory requirements to fulfill the European Green Deal

By communicating their embedded value across the value chain, products become more traceable and interactive assets, providing access to useful data and enabling continuous revenue streams.

"“The brand aims to establish an ongoing relationship through customer service, gaining insights into customer needs, delivering value, and monetizing the product throughout its second and third life cycles. In this context, the Digital Product Passport essentially serves as the next-generation receipt”"


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