April 26, 2024

TextileGenesis Partners With EON to Create Digital Product Passports

As traceability continues to be an important issue for textile and fashion brands, Lectra’s TextileGenesis announced a collaboration with product digitization company EON to create digital product passports that give an accurate look at the entire supply chain.

Digital product passports capture data from every point in a product’s production process, from raw material to sale, providing greater traceability to verify sustainable sourcing. And these digital tools — which are often embedded via QR codes or NFC chips also can be used at the end of a product’s life to determine the feasibility of resale, repair or recycling.

This capability is especially helpful for European brands, due to impending legislation from the European Commission requiring digital product passports for products sold in the European Union. The Regulation on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products passed in the European Parliament on April 23 and will include a ban on destroying unsold textiles and footwear.

"“Our collaboration with TextileGenesis signifies a huge leap forward in product and material traceability, enabling brands to for the first time to connect the full end-to-end life cycle of each unique item. This new intelligence delivers unparalleled competitive advantages: Brands will be able to scale new business models, deliver richer customer experiences and accelerate sustainability efforts."


Founder + CEO, EON

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