Digital ID for Sustainability and Transparency

Meet the demands of consumers, policies and circular business models with a single source of truth for all your product data.

Create traceable, transparent and compliant products with Digital ID

Collect, validate and manage granular product data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive Digital ID for each item. Meet customer demands, comply with regulation, and unlock completely new business models.

Know, measure and communicate the sustainability of your products

Collect and validate product data from your supply chains and sustainability partners.

Manage and structure product data for policy compliance, standards and new business models.

Deliver valuable, trusted data and stories to customers and partners – through your products.

Trace the full lifecycle of your products

Record and manage events associated with each item across its entire life cycle — from production through supply chain, warehouse, distribution, customer use, resale, reuse, and recycle.

  • Trace products end-to-end in compliance with GS1 EPCIS
  • Enrich Digital IDs with data from integrated partners across supply chain, material traceability, warehouse and more.
  • Gain post-sale visibility and actionable insights through customer and partner interactions
Matching Products
Compliance Rate

Stay ahead of regulation with technology you can trust

Understand the data requirements of multiple policies including Digital Product Passport, AGEC and more.
Real-time and on-demand analysis to determine compliance state
Actionable reports detailing exact steps needed to become compliant

Future-proof your products and increase their value

Deliver end-of-life instructions to customers through your products.
Scale resale, rental and recycling with ready-to-activate partner integrations.
Grant business partners access to view your product data and record lifecycle events.

Sustainability and traceability partners

Enhance your Digital IDs with impact data, traceability information and certifications from our ecosystem of pre-integrated partners – then share with your customers.

Green Story

Sustainability platform offering brands product impact data to optimize business operations and increase transparency.


An integrated software platform that helps brands take responsibility for their environmental and social impact.

ID Factory

Traceability software that allows fashion companies to gain end-to-end transparency through a Digital ID.

Climate Neutral

A globally-recognized standard for carbon accountability, making climate neutrality a priority for companies and individuals.

Open Supply Hub

An accessible, collaborative, supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains.


A solution with DNA forensic markers is applied to textile fibers providing a traceable identity to the product.

“With the Digital ID, we’re able to trace our products from farm to finished product, and then deliver this information to our customers through an innovative experience. This technology truly allows us to give consumers full transparency and visibility about where our products come from, their materials and to unlock new circular services.” ​

Riccardo Bellini
President and CEO, Chloé

Prepare for Digital Product Passport requirements

Connect your products to infinite possibilities

Engage customers with your products

Scale resale, repair, styling and other services

Gain new customer insights and visibility

Unlock the potential of your products

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