Create sustainable, transparent and compliant products

Close the sustainable product data gap to meet the demands of consumers, policies and circular business models.

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Collect, manage and exchange sustainable product data

Collect, validate and manage granular product data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive Digital Product Passport for each item. Meet customer demands, comply with regulation, and unlock completely new business models.

Overview of the Digital ID components
Infographic showing the reusability options of a specific product through the Digital ID
An example of a repairguide using the Digital ID
An infographic showing the touchpoints of a specific product using the Digital ID
Overview of the Digital ID components

Know, measure and communicate the sustainability of your products

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Collect and validate product data from your supply chains and sustainability partners.

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Manage and structure product data for policy compliance, standards and new business models.

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Deliver valuable, trusted data and stories to customers and partners – through your products.

Trace the full lifecycle from raw materials to recycling

Record and manage events associated with each item across its entire life cycle — from production through supply chain, warehouse, distribution, customer use, resale, reuse, and recycle.

  • Trace products end-to-end in compliance with GS1 EPCIS
  • Enrich Digital Product Passports with certifications, material traceability and more
  • Gain post-sale visibility and actionable insights through customer and partner interactions
A visualisation of the map that shows the product traceability enabled through Digital IDA visualisation of the map that shows the product traceability of a specific product
Infographic showing the division of products that are or aren't traceable
Matching Products
Compliance Rate

Stay ahead of regulation with technology you can trust

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Understand the data requirements of multiple policies including Digital Product Passport, Loi AGEC and more.
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Real-time and on-demand analysis to determine compliance state
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Actionable reports detailing exact steps needed to become compliant

Future-proof your products and increase their value

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Deliver end-of-life instructions to customers through your products.
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Scale resale, rental and recycling with ready-to-activate partner integrations.
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Grant business partners access to view your product data and record lifecycle events.

Impact measurement and material traceability partners

Enhance your Digital IDs with impact data, material traceability and certifications with our ecosystem of partners.


BCome empowers fashion businesses to build responsible supply chains, guarantee transparency and bring it to the final customer.

Fairly Made

The Fairly Made® SaaS platform empowers fashion brands by providing comprehensive support in traceability, impact measurement, and transparent communication to end-consumers.


Texbase manages product data from fiber to finished goods, delivering the data retailers need to comply with regulatory requirements.

Murata ID Solutions

Murata provides IoT and RFID solutions to digitalize production, logistics and retail processes and enable product transparency and sustainability measurement.


FibreTrace provides comprehensive visibility of the textile supply chain from raw fibre to store to reduce environmental impact.


Retexcycle guarantees the traceability of upstream raw materials using blockchain-inspired technology.

Trace for Good

Trace For Good is a supply chain traceability and data management software that enables brands and suppliers to collaborate in real time.


Tailorlux supports companies in realizing transparency in supply chains, circularity, and product protection.

ID Factory

ID Factory is a traceability software platform, delivering end-to-end transparency through a Digital ID.


Worldly is an integrated software platform for measuring, managing, and sharing supply chain impact data.


Haelixa is a physical traceability solution that offers supply chain transparency by marking textile fibers with unique DNA.

Gruppo Florence

Gruppo Florence is a manufacturing platform serving the luxury fashion system.

Green Story

Green Story is a sustainability platform offering fashion brands product impact data to optimize business operations and increase transparency.

Digital Product Passport

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All the tools you need to be compliant

The materials innovator is connecting clothing items with "digital passports" to accelerate greater transparency, traceability and circularity in the industry and inspire responsible consumer choices.

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