February 21, 2023

LFW Briefing: How ChatGPT and AI are appearing on fashion week runways

Digital IDs gain traction at London Fashion Week.

In the realm of technology, Digital IDs offer new possibilities for designers, but not many emerging designers have begun using them. At London Fashion Week, Priya Ahluwalia, founder of 5-year-old British brand Ahluwalia, announced a partnership with Digital ID startup EON and Microsoft. The collab is intended to bring full supply chain consumer traceability to Ahluwalia’s fall collection through Digital IDs. The Digital IDs also facilitate authenticity of items sold through resale, as customers can scan the ID to trace the garment into its second life.

"Working with EON on Digital IDs has been a good way to experiment with how the technology can work for us, giving our brand fans more insight into the products and the creative story behind the garments."


Founder + Creative Director, Ahluwalia

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