November 20, 2023

Balenciaga launches new tech-enabled music merch series partnered with EON

In an industry first, EON enables Balenciaga to embed exclusive musical track into product, with song composed exclusively for Balenciaga Music

New York – November 20, 2023 – EON, retail’s leading Digital ID platform, today announced a partnership with Balenciaga to launch an industry-first, tech-enabled merch series with an exclusive media experience for Balenciaga customers that will give them access to a custom-produced song by Archive, the London-based trip-hop group. The song, titled “Patterns,” was composed exclusively for Balenciaga Music and is not available anywhere else or through any other channel. The launch marks the beginning of a new era where fashion products are not just physical assets, but also gateways to multimedia experiences where customers can connect directly with brands and creators.

To listen to the song, Balenciaga customers simply tap the high-security NFC chip integrated into their Balenciaga Music I Archive merch item with a smartphone. The activation is enabled by the same kind of security technology that brands use for product traceability and authentication and highlights the endless potential of Digital IDs for enabling other capabilities, including innovative experiences that drive customer engagement and lifetime value.

EON creates and manages the link between each physical product and its digital twin in the cloud, and builds and hosts the highly secure web experience that provides Balenciaga customers access to the Balenciaga Music I Archive song. EON also delivers full translation support in English, French and Chinese languages. The Balenciaga Music I Archive merch series which includes T-shirts and hoodies, will be available in Balenciaga stores and on on November 20th.

"We’re excited to partner with Balenciaga on this industry-first experience, enabling a direct and exclusive connection between physical products and the creative inspiration of art and music behind them. This collection spotlights the infinite possibilities that the EON Product Cloud provides for brands to capitalize on products — going beyond product traceability to turn products into new media channels that enable brands to drive multiple transactions through singular product."

Founder and CEO, EON

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