December 8, 2023

Digital Product Passports Offer More Than Just Impact and Compliance Info

Policy compliance is a major driver of the fashion industry's adoption of Digital Product Passports – but it's not the only reason.

If adopted into law, a host of legislation under consideration in the EU right now would require that all products have a digital product passport (DPP). This end-to-end traceability across a product’s entire lifecycle would provide a new level of transparency throughout the fashion industry, storing provenance information and impact data for a product throughout its entire life cycle.

But while policy compliance will surely be the major impetus for the fashion industry to adopt DPPs and transparency initiatives, it shouldn’t be the only reason.

Cloud-based Digital ID platform EON, a New York-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that has been beating the drum for a more connected fashion industry, sees broader implications beyond future-proofing a business for regulations.

"The EON platform was designed to enable end-to-end product traceability through item-level digital IDs, but we are finding that there are limitless possibilities and digital ID technology offers brands a blank canvas for consumer engagement."

CEO + Founder

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