December 8, 2023

Fashion Industry Leaders at Cop28 Highlight the Need to Take Action

Natasha Franck, CEO + Founder of EON joined Stella McCartney, Federico Marchetti, Riccardo Stefanelli, CEO of Brunello Cucinelli, and Patrick Chalhoub for a panel focused on innovation, transparency and circularity during Cop28.

At COP28, the U.N.’s annual climate summit happening, leading voices from the fashion industry gathered during the opening talks for the conference’s Business and Philanthropy forum. The topic, “Pioneering Fashion Sustainability,” brought a range of stakeholders together to discuss ways to move the needle on carbon emissions.

“There is no space for just setting KPIs, writing white papers. We have to stop talking, and act,” said Federico Marchetti, founder of Yoox Net-a-porter and chair of the Fashion Task Force, part of King Charles III’s Sustainable Market Initiative.

Greater consumer product consciousnesses and need for transparency lead to the development of the digital passport for products, supported by the Fashion Task Force. Chloé has already adopted them. “If you go to Chloé in Paris, the whole collection has a digital passport,” said Marchetti.

"Each product gets an ID that stewards it from the time it’s produced through resale and regeneration. With product ID, the world moves toward holding companies responsible for their waste because you can track the entire life cycle of the products and materials."

CEO + Founder, EON

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