July 24, 2023

Microsoft, Ahluwalia and EON are sharing the untold stories of garments

Ahluwalia's latest project, Symphony Unlocked, is brought to life through a partnership with EON and Microsoft. Each garment in the Autumn / Winter 2023 collection features unique Digital IDs that customers can scan using their smartphones to find out detailed information about their product, along with care information and recycling options. The Digital IDs are connected by the EON Product Cloud platform - a software for creating, connecting and capitalizing on Digital ID technology, powered by Microsoft Azure. The technology offers customers greater insight into the inspiration behind the collection, how each garment was made and guidance on how to take care of their clothes.

"We create clothes that are meant to be cherished and stand the test of time. Each piece tells a unique story that draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of art, literature, music, and culture. With the help of EON and Microsoft we’re now able to share that story with the world. Being environmentally and socially conscious is something that is very important to us, we want people to engage with the history of each garment, how it was made, where it has come from and, when they’re finished enjoying the piece, to be able to give it a new life."


Designer + Founder, Ahluwalia

Each item in the collection features a unique Digital ID, which details and displays its story across the elements of the products lifecycle from the fiber used to the design story. Connected by EON’s Product Cloud platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, each garment has a QR code printed on the care label, enabling customers to scan to reveal rich product information, the unique design story behind each piece, each garment’s composition, and sustainability certificates, as well as following its journey through the supply chain to sale.

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