Transform your products into intelligent, valuable assets

Power all product capabilities through a single digital twin

With a unique Digital Identity for each item, power all product capabilities and manage all interactions – from end-to-end traceability to seamless resale.


Unify diverse product data into unique digital identities

Collect, unify and standardize comprehensive product data — from raw materials and certifications to real-time lifecycle events.

  • Capture core product data from existing systems such as PLM, PIM with +90 pre-built integrations and robust APIs
  • Record every stage of the product lifecycle from raw material to recycling in a comprehensive knowledge graph
  • Harmonize and standardize data to maintain consistency, detect anomalies and extract actionable insights


Connect the physical and digital to embed every item with intelligence

Turn products into media channels to engage customers, power new business models and comply with regulatory demands.

  • Embed products with any data carrier – QR Code, NFC, and more – in any combination
  • Scan, activate and associate data carriers with the EON Connect App for efficient, enterprise deployment
  • Seamlessly capture, manage and exchange of billions of data points across the lifecycle.

One platform to unlock infinite product potential

Capture core product attributes

Frictionless data ingestion and sharing  with access to our ecosystem of pre-integrated partners and robust APIs.

Manage raw components

Manage raw components, characteristics and origins to build a visual genealogy graph for each product.

Trace all events + interactions

Generate item-level Digital IDs with  frictionless data ingestion from your PLM or other product data system.

Unlock new insights + intelligence

Digitize your products in seconds with an enterprise-ready app for in-factory association and identity activation.

Key Features

Multi-billion scale serialization

Efficiently manage billions of robust digital twins and item-level events with infrastructure built to scale.

Seamless data capture

90+ systems integrated including ERP, PLM, PIM, and others. Access to API and Flat File/FTP options available. 

Powerful rules engine

Run intelligence-based analysis and trigger business rules to support dynamic user interactions, brand protection and more.

Digital Resolver technology

Robust resolver technology with support for GS1 Digital Links encoded in any data carrier, direct Digital ID URLs and programmatic redirects.

Streamlined in-factory activation

Easily integrate into your supply chain workflowers with in-factory association and serialization.

Effortless data sharing

Frictionless data sharing with robust APIs an +60 pre-integrated business partners.

Customer experience studio

Build dynamic, fully customizable product experiences in multiple languages.


Event tracking from production to sale, resale and recycle. Our event repository supports all EPCIS event types.

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