March 15, 2023

Chloé Takes A Revolutionary Step In Resale

When it’s almost as easy to sell your clothes as it is to buy them, something big has changed.

As the stigma of buying and wearing used clothes and accessories diminishes, what happens next in the resale business becomes important. It's especially instructive to look at what luxury brand Chloe has recently done. Partnering with EON, Chloe created a process to enable consumers to sell their things almost as easily as they bought them.

For Spring 2023, certain Chloe handbags, shoes and clothes will have unique identifiers accessible to consumers. If you and your friend bought the same garment, yours will have a different ID than your friend’s.

Scanning your garment with your mobile device, connects you to a Digital ID managed by EON and you can access information on how to clean the product, when and where it was made, what it’s made of and a history of its journey through production to the sale where you bought it. It will also allow you to access brand information and brand services, including a digital certificate from Trust-Place that verifies your ownership. When you’re ready to sell it, you select “resale” and it is automatically listed on the resale company Vestiaire Collective’s site.

Why Instant Resale is revolutionary
  • Resale requires authentication which is time-consuming and expensive. Until now, no one has found a way to scale up and make a profit while avoiding fakes in the system. Chloe’s innovation assures authenticity in resale at very low cost.
  • Like the car market, an aftermarket for clothes and footwear allows products to go to the right consumer for each stage of a product’s life cycle. When a brand facilitates the resale, it makes it easier to trade you into their next product, just like your car dealer.
  • Consumers who aspire to a brand but can’t normally afford it can now access the brand in the resale market, expanding the customer base for brands.
  • Having to take your clothes to a vintage store or having a consultant come to your home has been a roadblock for the resale business. With the right system, all of that goes away.

When it’s almost as easy to sell your clothes as it is to buy them, something big has changed.

"There has never been circularity in the management of the end life cycle of the product. We are in a quest to find a business model that has lower environmental impact with growth."


CEO, Chloe

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