September 16, 2020

Nanushka launches Digital IDs to turn garments into assets

Nanushka is partnering with leading connected products platform, EON, to turn selected sustainable garments from the Resort 2021 collection into intelligent and lifelong digital assets. Demonstrating Nanushka’s ongoing commitment to transparency, circularity and connecting with evolving customer needs, the partnership with EON provides Nanushka the ability to to increase the lifetime value of customer, increase revenue from products, and track products from new to renew -- to the benefit of the consumer, society and environment.

“We believe in the vision of a circular economy, and we recognize our responsibility as a brand to proactively take steps towards building a circular fashion system where products and materials are utilized at their most and where connected products enhance the user experience through an increased level of transparency. We partnered with EON, who makes this step possible with their leading connected products technology shaping a better future of consumption and production.”
– Sandra Sandor, Founder and Creative Director, Nanushka

When a customer purchases a Nanushka Connected Garment, they have access to a wealth of specific services and amenities. Simply scanning the garment’s QR code reveals styling insights, instructions for resale, sustainability credentials, services for rental, peer-to-peer sharing and more. This digitization of garments signals a positive change for the future of fashion – one where customers will no longer purchase just a physical product, but also the comprehensive digital services and information that come with it. It’s an opportunity for the customer to feel truly connected to the brand on deeper, more meaningful levels.

EON is the leading Digital ID platform in the fashion industry. Powering the multi-faceted functionality for each Connected Product, EON provides Nanushka with the tools to present a unique front-end customer experience, and the back-end tools to power new circular business models– giving brands visibility, intelligence, and control of their products across the lifecycle.

“Together, Nanushka and EON are redefining what it means to connect with customers. Relationships with brands and customers have historically been entirely transactional - beginning and ending at point of sale. By introducing a vehicle for ongoing communication, service, sales, and sustainable care, Nanushka is pioneering the future of high-impact transformational relationships between brands and customers.”
– Natasha Franck, Founder & CEO, EON

This is just the beginning of Nansuhka’s ongoing commitment to strengthen the integrity of its circular value chain. By continuing to invest in and commit to digitizing products throughout 2021, Nanushka will next identify and authenticate products for resale, facilitating and benefiting from new business models and revenue generation. Leveraging EON’s CircularID™ Protocol, the Nanushka digitized products will similarly be connected to a broader network of circularity, enabling recycling partners to identify materials.


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