What if your products could be monetized and regenerated – over and over again?

Turn your products into assets that generate royalties, relationships, data and sustainability.

Benefit throughout the lifespan of every product

EON gives every item a unique Digital ID so it can be instantly identified and authenticated throughout its lifespan. Scale new business models such as resale, repair, rental and recycling, inform customers about your after-sale services, and support sustainability initiatives with continuously-updated data.

Power new business models and revenue streams

Easily identify and authenticate items for resale and unlock access to materials data for recycling.

Deliver after-sale services to your customers through a simple scan or tap of a smartphone.

Share and exchange product data with partners to scale new services and track post-sale events.

Turn your products into a point of sale

Steward customers through brand-owned or third-party resale channels, make warranty information easily accessible and provide drop-off information for recycling – directly through your products.

  • Resale

  • Rental

  • Repair

  • Peer-to-peer

  • Recycling

  • Donation

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+40% profit per product

generated through resale alone

Source: ??

How it works


Create Digital ID and embed a scannable label on each item


Grant partners access to receive and update Digital ID data


Generate relationships, revenue and insights through partner connections

Power new business models with Digital IDs

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