December 16, 2020

EON ‘Connected’ Fashion Network, Up and Ready for Resale

EON clients and partners such as Nanushka, Salvation Army and more get "instant access" to circular economy through the new network.

With the launch of the EON Partner Network — including brands like Budapest-based label Nanushka; resale and re-commerce solutions like The Renewal Workshop, Trove and Reflaunt; textile manufacturers like Lenzing and Evrnu; along with resellers like Salvation Army Trading Co. and recyclers like Waste Management, among many others — EON is proving it is focused on creating a viable, connected system.

“The biggest barrier to circular economy is product and material identification,” said Natasha Franck, the Founder and CEO of EON. “If you can’t identify a product, then you can’t resell it. This vision of circular economy is not possible without Digital ID.”

Partners on the EON Platform can use EON's mobile app to scan products using rRFID, NFC, or QR codes and access deeper insights like original sale price, images, key features and material content to create a detailed, real-time snapshot of the individual garment. With the opportunity to gather data on location, resale price and channel, it opens up garments for continuous re-monetization and continued use.


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