July 5, 2023

Why brands say QR codes are the clothing labels of the future

Efforts to increase transparency and connect with customers have turned some fashion labels to an unlikely technology: the QR code.

First, they came for menus. Now, QR codes are replacing another consumer-facing artefact: the clothing label. In this story by Rebecca Deczynski, Inc. takes a look at the reasons why brands are saying QR codes are the clothing labels of the future and the gateway to next-gen possibilities.

The American Apparel and Footwear Association is lobbying Congress and the Federal Trade Commission to allow legally required information such as fiber content, country of origin and cleaning instructions to be shared via QR code. The shift in policy would enable brands to save on label material usage and connect with customers in new ways.

The French luxury fashion label Chloé recently launched "Instant Resale" through EON Exchange partner, Vestiaire Collective. Pieces in the brand's spring/summer 2023 collection feature unique Digital IDs that enable customers to directly resell their item through Vestiaire Collective. After confirming the item's condition and uploading product imagery, they will receive an immediate price offer and, upon acceptance, will receive payment before having to wait for their item to sell directly to another consumer, as is typical of consignment marketplaces.

"EON has partnered with brands such as Pangaia and Gabriela Hearst to create Digital IDs, accessed via QR code, that are hosted on its Product Cloud platform. These IDs allow brands to capture a product's lifecycle--through its supply chain and sale--and to more seamlessly enter the resale market or get recycled at the end of its lifespan. EON's partner ecosystem, EON Exchange, also helps connect clients to certification organizations like Cradle to Cradle, blockchain-based authentication businesses like Kore Technologies, resale companies like Archive, and more B2B platforms that might enhance a retail brand's operations."

Staff Editor, Inc.

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