Loi AGEC for Textiles and Footwear

All the tools you need to meet requirements for France’s Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law (Décret n° 2022-748)

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Capture, structure and share transparent product data to meet Loi AGEC requirements 

France’s Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law (Décret n° 2022-748) aims to provide consumers with clear, precise information about their products' environmental characteristics. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to simplify Loi AGEC compliance, with robust tools to meet data requirements.

Granular data collection, storage and management for scalable deployment

Pre-built data templates for swift gap analysis and organizational visibility

Real-time technical Product Sheet generation with search and export capabilities

What is the Loi AGEC?

France’s Anti-Waste and Circular Economy (“Loi AGEC”) legislation aims to deeply transform France’s retail system by promoting the circular economy. The Décret n° 2022-748, which addresses implementation of Article 13 of the Loi AGEC, obliges all producers, importers and dealers of waste generating products in France to showcase environmental qualities and characteristics of packaging and products.

Requirements of Loi AGEC (Décret n° 2022-748)

Brands must inform consumers about the environmental characteristics of their products through a technical Product Sheet.

Claims such as “biodegradable” and “environmentally friendly” cannot be used in association with products.

Data must be accessible to consumers in French, through a brand’s website at the time of purchase.

All the tools you need for Loi AGEC Compliance

With over 120+ pre-built data transformations, EON delivers a comprehensive solution for Loi AGEC compliance, enabling brands to capture and capitalize on sustainable product data.
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Understand, collect and validate required product data

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Collect and unify product data from your supply chains and sustainability partners
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Validate product data against requirements and instantly determine compliance state
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Receive real-time alerts for data gaps, translation issues, forbidden claim usage and more

Share trusted product data with consumers easily and efficiently

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Real-time technical Product Sheet generation in the French language
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Searchable, single-product view and exportable aggregated view
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Engaging Digital ID consumer experiences enhanced with Loi AGEC data
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Simplify AGEC data collection with our traceability partners

Enhance your Digital IDs with material data, traceability information and verification documentation from our ecosystem of pre-integrated partners to meet Loi AGEC requirements.


BCome empowers fashion businesses to build responsible supply chains, guarantee transparency and bring it to the final customer.

Fairly Made

The Fairly Made® SaaS platform empowers fashion brands by providing comprehensive support in traceability, impact measurement, and transparent communication to end-consumers.


Texbase manages product data from fiber to finished goods, delivering the data retailers need to comply with regulatory requirements.


Bluesign functions as a textile production solution that eliminates harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets standards for environmentally friendly and safe production.


Carbonfact is a Carbon Accounting and LCA platform built for the apparel, footwear and fashion industry.

Murata ID Solutions

Murata provides IoT and RFID solutions to digitalize production, logistics and retail processes and enable product transparency and sustainability measurement.


FibreTrace provides comprehensive visibility of the textile supply chain from raw fibre to store to reduce environmental impact.


Retexcycle guarantees the traceability of upstream raw materials using blockchain-inspired technology.

Carbon Trail

Carbon Trail is a software platform that automates corporate and product footprint accounting for the fashion industry.

Trace for Good

Trace For Good is a supply chain traceability and data management software that enables brands and suppliers to collaborate in real time.


Tailorlux supports companies in realizing transparency in supply chains, circularity, and product protection.


Renoon offers sustainability impact measurement and communication.

Cradle to Cradle Certified®

Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a global standard for designing and making products that enable a healthy, equitable and sustainable future.

ID Factory

ID Factory is a traceability software platform, delivering end-to-end transparency through a Digital ID.


Worldly is an integrated software platform for measuring, managing, and sharing supply chain impact data.


Haelixa is a physical traceability solution that offers supply chain transparency by marking textile fibers with unique DNA.

Gruppo Florence

Gruppo Florence is a manufacturing platform serving the luxury fashion system.

Green Story

Green Story is a sustainability platform offering fashion brands product impact data to optimize business operations and increase transparency.

Climate Neutral Certified

Climate Neutral is on a mission to eliminate carbon emissions by making climate neutrality a priority for all.

EON Compliance Solutions: Loi AGEC

Find out how EON can help your business comply with AGEC requirements and capitalize on your product data.

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