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Transform your business with end-to-end product traceability

Connect every item to a unique Digital ID to power all business needs and unlock new capabilities across the full lifecycle.

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Digital Certificate for Products

Digitization partner to world-leading brands

Create a cloud-based digital profile for every item and capture events over their lifecycles.
Deliver valuable, trusted data and stories to customers and partners – through your products.
Enrich your Digital IDs with new capabilities and next-gen services to increase their profitability.
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Unlock end-to-end product traceability and real-time insights

Trace the full lifecycle of every item from production to sale, customer use, resale and recycle. Access real-time, actionable data.

Engage and retain customers with your products

Turn your products into media channels that deliver transparent product information, authenticity, styling and services.

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Comply with upcoming regulation and deliver on sustainability and ESG

Capture granular product and material data, events, certifications and more, then share with your customers and partners.

Pre-program products for efficient resale, repair and recycling

Scale resale, repair and recycling services by automating access to your product data.

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Protect your brand with multi-layer authentication

Prevent counterfeiting and fraud with a multi-layer approach to authentication.

Deliver richer customer experiences with Digital IDs

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Coach launches Coachtopia with Digital IDs powered by EON to drive lifecycle transparency, scale circular business models and support on-product authentication.
Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle helps its customers prolong the lifespan of their garments through interactive Digital IDs across its private label collection.
Chloé uses Digital IDs to trace every item from field to finished product and make each item “resale-ready” through a partnership with Vestiaire Collective.
Ahluwalia is stitching the narratives of her past into every garment. Through a partnership with EON and Microsoft, each garment in the Autumn/Winter 2023 is connected with a Digital ID to unlock its unique design story.
New Zealand’s #1 outdoor brand rolls out Digital IDs to engage consumers, scale new services and accelerate sustainability.


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