April 12, 2022

If products could talk: Could fashion go green?

EON Founder and CEO, Natasha Franck, shares how Digital IDs are transforming fashion in a byline for Fast Company.

The exponential growth of digital connectivity radically transformed retail over the last decade. The rise of e-commerce, social media, and mobile has changed how consumers connect, shop, and engage, and redefined the competitive landscape in ways once unimaginable. As we look to the next decade, digital connectivity will reshape retail once again as intelligence enters our physical world. 

Objects that were once inanimate will become interactive and intelligent, with the power to “speak” to customers, businesses, and systems. Products will become assets that generate ongoing value for brands through new business models and customer services. And if designed correctly, these smart, connected products will shape an entirely new paradigm for commerce, to the benefit of society and the environment.

"To prepare for digital ID, brands should start with the basics. What are the initial priority goals of the implementation (i.e., resale, customer engagement, etc.)? Is the approach designed for scalability? Which products should you digitize first (bestsellers, a single collection, or all of them)? Is there collaboration across the essential cross-department teams (i.e., tech teams, marketing, and sustainability)?"


CEO + Founder, EON

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