September 13, 2022

Pivotal + Phygital: The new digital imperative with EON

Connecting physical products to the digital world

Founder and CEO, Natasha Franck, joined Cowen's Retail and Luxury Analyst, Oliver Chen to discuss the merging of the digital and physical worlds. Also known as the “Phygital” world.

“If we look at what Airbnb did, they created a digital twin of your home which unlocks [its] monetization and utility. Now that there’s a digital twin you can rent it, post it and monetize it. Same with Uber - it’s a digital twin of a car that...lets someone call it and use it. Now that same sort of digital twinning technology is moving into physical products.”

The value of connected products relies on the ability to solve for interoperability. Brands are not able to capture the full value of each product they sell. At EON we are digitizing products at scale. By creating digital twins, brands can now connect to their products throughout their entire lifecycles and generate additional revenue.

Listen to the entire podcast on the new “Phygital” world below.


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