August 3, 2021

This Technology will Radically Change Fashion

What if your products enabled access to a digital world of possibilities?

Your smartphone has already made you familiar with what’s called an “Operating System.” An operating system lets the apps to talk to the device. Now the concept of operating systems is moving beyond software and being applied to physical things. Like an Operating System, EON enables physical products to connect to other online applications and systems. This enables brands to deliver new experiences and services to their customers, well beyond the point of sale.

“The relationship between the brand and the customer ends the moment that product is sold. But it’s really just the beginning of the product life cycle and the brand experience,” says Natasha Franck, CEO & Founder of EON.

Inevitably, connections of software to physical things will extend to the fashion industry. Imagine scenes like these:

  • You want to recycle an old or worn out garment so it doesn’t wind up in a landfill. But you don’t know what the buttons are made of or what kind of thread is used on the seams. That lack of information means the only place for the garment is the trash; it can’t be recycled because no one knows what’s in it and where it should go. But if the garment had a unique tag that connected back to the manufacturer, a recycler could know immediately how to handle the product.
  • You bought a vintage product but you don’t know if it’s real or not. You could instantly connect to the manufacturer through the product’s unique identifier to know it’s real and learn about how the product was made, where and by whom.
  • You’re standing at your closet and you scan the identifiers on your favorite garments and share the information with your favorite brand or retailer. They instantaneously select new items for you to shop that have a similar fashion sensibility and are in your size and price range.


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