February 15, 2022

EON welcomes Natalie Massenet to our board

The industry leader is betting on Digital ID technology to be the foundation for brands looking to leverage opportunities by Web3.

Today we are excited to announce our $10 Million Series A, with an initial close led by IMAGINARY. Natalie Massenet, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director of IMAGINARY will join EON's board. Natalie revolutionized luxury retail, leading the industry into e-commerce and Web 2.0, when she founded Net-a-Porter in 2000. Now, as the industry prepares for the next wave, Natalie recognizes the fundamental role Digital ID EON’s technology will play in enabling brands to win in Web 3.0: "It's like laying the railroads at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution."

"EON is like the world wide web for products."


Founder, Net-a-Porter + Co-Founder + Managing Director, IMAGINARY

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