Unlock end-to-end product traceability

Deliver end-to-end item-level traceability to optimize business operations, unlock new services and increase product value.

Digital ID capabilities with phone scan of connected product

Trace every item from raw materials and supply chain to customer use and circularity

EON brings full traceability and real-time visibility into the entire value chain for competitive advantage, operational excellence and compliance with policy requirements. 

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Take control of your product lifecycle

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Drive operational excellence with end-to-end product traceability in alignment with global standards.

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Ensure data integrity and accessibility along the value chain to deliver new capabilities and services.

Back up sustainability claims, improve customer transparency and comply with policy regulations.

Trace products end-to-end in alignment with global standards

Capture events from manufacturers, suppliers and supply chains to create a single source of truth for the full product lifecycle. 

  • GS1 EPCIS repository for item-level traceability of all supply chain and post-sale events
  • API-first infrastructure with +90 pre-built integrations for efficient event capture
  • Packaging management hierarchy and packing validation 
A visualisation of the map that shows the product traceability enabled through Digital IDA visualisation of the map that shows the product traceability of a specific product

Digitize in seconds with in-factory data carrier activation

Seamlessly connect products with persistent, embedded and globally interoperable data carriers.

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Choose any data carrier – such as QR Code, NFC, RFID – with access to a global network of label partners
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Scan, activate and associate data carriers with the EON Connect App for efficient, enterprise deployment
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GS1 Digital Link for global interoperability

Connect the entire lifecycle with industry’s largest partner ecosystem

Efficiently capture events in the product lifecycle by connecting to our marketplace of pre-integrated partners.

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Connect to +40 global partners across supply chain, material traceability, resale, recycle and more
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Exchange product data securely to drive business processes and customer services
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Capture post-sale intelligence, drive circular services and unlock end-to-end traceability
A screenshot of the EON Product Cloud partner marketplace known as EON Exchange

Sustainability and traceability partners

Enhance your Digital IDs with impact data, material traceability and certifications with our ecosystem of partners.

Murata ID Solutions

Murata provides IoT and RFID solutions to digitalize production, logistics and retail processes and enable product transparency and sustainability measurement.


FibreTrace provides comprehensive visibility of the textile supply chain from raw fibre to store to reduce environmental impact.


Retexcycle guarantees the traceability of upstream raw materials using blockchain-inspired technology.

Trace for Good

Trace For Good is a supply chain traceability and data management software that enables brands and suppliers to collaborate in real time.


Tailorlux supports companies in realizing transparency in supply chains, circularity, and product protection.

ID Factory

ID Factory is a traceability software platform, delivering end-to-end transparency through a Digital ID.


Worldly is an integrated software platform for measuring, managing, and sharing supply chain impact data.


Haelixa is a physical traceability solution that offers supply chain transparency by marking textile fibers with unique DNA.

Gruppo Florence

Gruppo Florence is a manufacturing platform serving the luxury fashion system.

Green Story

Green Story is a sustainability platform offering fashion brands product impact data to optimize business operations and increase transparency.

Digital Product Passport

Prepare for EU’s
upcoming regulation


All the tools you need to be compliant

World leading brand in sustainable and luxury fashion, Gabriela Hearst pioneered Digital Identification across its entire collection, bringing transparency to the journey of each product, and stewarding the longevity of each garment.

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