January 15, 2024

Authenticated Resale: Solving The $2 Trillion Counterfeit Problem For Brands

EON traces products throughout their entire lifecycles and powers authenticated resale.

Counterfeit products are a two trillion dollar problem for retail brands, leading to revenue loss and negatively affecting brand reputation. These so-called “super fakes” - luxury knockoffs that are nearly impossible for the ordinary consumer to discern from the real things because they’re often made in the same factories and with the same materials as the authentic products.

Thanks to tech visionary Natasha Franck, and her Digital ID company EON, brands and consumers alike can now quickly and easily discern real products from fake ones, providing enormous benefits to brands and peace of mind to consumers. EON enables brands to pre-program their products for easy listing on the brand’s resale site, mitigating risk of fraud and providing additional revenue opportunities. If a brand doesn’t have its own resale channel, products can also be pre-programmed to list with third party marketplaces.

This is all possible because EON has created the world’s first and largest integrated app ecosystem, the EON Exchange, that brings together, among other things, leading resale marketplaces such as The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective and thredUP and resale-as-a-service technology partners like Archive. By connecting multiple providers and partners, the technology makes it easy for brands to launch resale channels that guarantee authenticity and increase revenue and customer lifetime value.

"For luxury goods, digital product IDs improve transparency, prevent the sale of counterfeits and create greater opportunities for brands to enhance the overall lifetime value of their products."


Founder + CEO, EON

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