If your products could talk, what would they say?

Engage customers with your story, offer post-purchase services and uncover new sales opportunities – throughout the lifecycle of every product.

Meet the new media channel

With Digital ID, customers can interact with their products through embedded QR codes or NFC tags. This creates personalized media channels for direct communication with your customers. Invite them into a world of enriching information – including authenticity, origin, design stories and services such as styling, care, resale and repair.

Engage customers directly through your products

Gain additional revenue through tap-to-purchase, cross-selling, limited drops, resale and more.

Capture new customers who purchased through third-party resellers or retailers.

Win customer loyalty and trust by delivering enriched transparency information.

Build a world within every product

Deliver useful, relevant content to customers before and after sale with a dynamic digital experience embedded in your product. With EON, brands can create unique product microsites at scale, using data from each item's Digital ID.

  • Product story

  • Provenance and sustainability

  • Care and repair

  • Styling

  • Easy reorders and returns

  • Styling

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Customers engage with their products

Source: EON Internal Data

How it works


Embed a QR code or NFC tag on each item


Build dynamic customer experiences at scale with EON’s API


Measure interactions and gain customer insights in real time

Turn your products into a channel for storytelling

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