Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle helps its customers prolong the lifespan of their garments through interactive Digital IDs across its private label collection.

The “redeZIGN for circularity” collection offers Zalando customers an interactive way to explore their product’s sustainability story. Each piece in the collection features a sewn-in QR code that can be scanned to learn more about the garment origins, materials and design, along with after-sales services such as product care videos and resale.

Every piece has been designed for circularity: they’re made of recycled or renewable materials, and made to last longer through reuse and recycling. The introduction of Digital IDs provides the digital foundation for Zalando to identify, manage and monetize these products through future resale and regeneration.​

“With Digital ID, Zalando can deliver more product transparency to our customers and help influence purchasing decisions towards more sustainable products, alongside encouraging a behavior shift towards prolonging the life cycle of their garments."
Laura Coppen, Head of Circularity, Zalando

Customers are showing an appetite for information


of customers who viewed a story about transparency swiped up to learn more.


of customers who viewed a story about care swiped up to learn more.


of customer who viewed a story about styling swiped up to view recommendations.


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REDEZIGN Blue Sweater

The product hang tag includes a clear call to action to encourage customers to scan the QR code and explain its purpose.

Each item features a QR code that customers can scan to learn more about their garment and how to extend its longevity.

REDEZIGN Shoulder Bag

The label includes clear messaging to highlight the value customers can access by scanning their item.

REDEZIGN Lace-up ankle boots

Customers can find out more about how their item was made and access educational videos around care and repair.