Gabriela Hearst

World leading brand in sustainable and luxury fashion, Gabriela Hearst pioneered Digital Identification across its entire collection, bringing transparency to the journey of each product, and stewarding the longevity of each garment.

In a time where customers are demanding transparency, sustainability, and circularity –  the traditional label no longer provides adequate space to communicate the rich and compelling narrative of pioneering brands like Gabriela Hearst, who champion ethical and sustainable practices across the supply chain.

QR codes stitched on Gabriela Hearst's full collection create a new and ongoing connection with the customer, and bring intelligence and transparency to the garment journey –  from material, manufacture, purchase, customer and beyond.

“Our type of client is not the type that buys and resells and puts the product to rent. She probably will have a piece and give it to a friend or her children. We work to be so desirable that they are a hand-me-down, so the most powerful tool for us is to understand how this fibre got made and how long it had to travel.”
Gabriela Hearst, Founder + Creative Director

Customers are showing an appetite for information


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Althea Camisole Dress

Customers simply point their smartphone camera at the code on the label, accessing information about the product, its provenance and materials, and the unique story behind the design and production process.

Web & Social

To drive understanding of this important initiative with its customers, Gabriela Hearst highlighted the value of Digital Identity across its online channels.