Last updated:
January 14, 2020

The Connected Products Economy

This comprehensive report outlines how Connected Products unlock new forms of value and create systems to power a circular economy.
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The Connected Products Economy


You'll walk away with:

Perspectives from industry leaders

Industry leaders address the challenges related to operationalizing and scaling circular business models and material regeneration processes.

Viable technology solutions

The report outlines the need for extending identification of products beyond point-of-sale and adopting a shared language for communication across the value chain.

Best practices for interoperability

Best practices and standards for brands to deploy, capitalize, and connect to an interoperable fashion system.

Featured Contributors

Natasha Franck
Founder + CEO, EON
Raymond Randall
Senior Manager, Textiles, WM
Caroline Brown
Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners
Nicole Bassett
Founder, The Renewal Workshop
Elyse Tosi
VP, Accounts + Product Strategy, EON
Chris Grantham
Circular Economy Executive Director, IDEO

"When products become intelligent, brands no longer lose sight, connectivity and relationship to the products they create or the customer who purchases them. The opportunities to generate revenue are no longer solely at the first point-of-purchase but rather available throughout an ongoing relationship of value delivered from the product to the customer."

Caroline Brown
Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners

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