Julie Brown
Head of Sustainability, EON
December 9, 2022

All you need to know about Digital Product Passport initiative, CIRPASS

October marked the launch of CIRPASS, a consortium of 30+ industry partners focused on laying the groundwork for Digital Product Passports (DPPs). Funded by the European Commission under the Digital Europe Programme, CIRPASS aims to prepare brands for piloting and deployment of DPPs from 2023 onwards, with an initial focus on the electronics, batteries and textile sectors. EON is part of the group’s Experts and Stakeholders Group and will be actively participating in projects and events.

What are the goals of CIRPASS?

The primary focus is to lay the groundwork for a cross-sectoral DPP based on shared rules, principles, taxonomy, and standards. The group will explore the technological feasibility and support of DPPs for circular economy strategies, conformity to the needs of companies and consumers, economic viability, and implementation roadmaps.

What are the results CIRPASS aims to deliver?
  • A clear definition and description of the DPP
  • A cross-sectoral product data model for DPPs with demonstrated usefulness for a  circular economy
  • An open DPP data protocol adapted to the needs of circular economy  stakeholders and based on up-to-date digital technologies
  • Stakeholder consensus on key data for circularity and related open European and global vocabulary standards
  • Use cases and roadmaps for piloting, implementation and circular business value

What is the anticipated timeline?

CIRPASS commenced on 1st October 2022 and will run through to March 2024. The group’s proposal will feed into the European Commission’s regulation for DPPs, expected in 2024.

What this means for EON clients?

EON participates in the Experts and Stakeholder Group and will be providing feedback to the group via workshops, consultations, and expert interviews based on our learnings from the Circular Product Data Protocol, and the implementation of Digital IDs – to allow for as much interoperability, scalability, and circularity as possible. We will continue to provide updates to EON clients as CIRPASS learnings come to light, and are laser-focused on ensuring our platform will enable simple, scalable implementation of DPPs well ahead of regulation.








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