Natasha Franck
Founder + CEO, EON
February 20, 2023

Introducing EON Instant Resale

Just as one-click checkout automated the buying process, EON Instant Resale is bringing automation to the selling process.

What if it was just as easy to sell as to buy? Today, we're excited to announce EON Instant Resale, enabling customers to scan their product’s Digital ID and resell in just a few clicks. 

We believe that automation is essential to a thriving resale ecosystem. If we want resale to become business as usual, we need to remove barriers for customers, and offer more control, visibility and value to brands. Digital ID supports an efficient, frictionless resale service that can accelerate circularity across the industry.


Seamless customer experience

Offer customers a frictionless resale experience that removes key barriers and increases convenience

Increased profits + control

Take control over the resale journey and increase profits from the secondary market

Automation + Scale

Automate product identification and authentication to increase scale




Chloé pioneers Instant Resale with Vestiaire Collective

In an industry-first, Chloé is the first Maison to embed Instant Resale in their products with Digital IDs – powered by our partnership with Vestiare Collective.Beginning in April 2023, Chloé customers will be able to resell products within the Chloé Vertical collection in just a few clicks, creating a fully integrated resale experience. By scanning the unique Digital ID embedded into each product (either via NFC tag or QR code), customers are directed to a bespoke microsite that details the production process as well as instructions for product care and repair. The site also contains a product certificate of authenticity, which comes with a unique ownership number – and a link to facilitate the resale of the product directly through Vestiaire Collective.

How it works


EON generates a unique Digital ID for each Chloé product, containing product data required by Vestiaire Collective to resell – such as brand, material, size, color, etc.


This data profile is stored in our Product Cloud platform, and linked to the physical product via a data carrier such as an NFC chip or QR Code.


Chloé customers can now scan their products with their smartphones to access a unique product microsite filled with information about their item and services such as care, repair and resale.


When the time comes to part ways with their product, customers can click “Resell with Vestiaire Collective” to generate an auto-populated listing. All product descriptions are pre-filled and the price proposal is immediate.

“The launch of Chloé Vertical is testament to the meaningful progress that can be made towards developing a fully transparent and circular business model when there is collaboration across the industry. Following the commitments we took on after joining the Sustainable Markets Initiative project, founded by his majesty King Charles III, I’m delighted to be enabling Chloé customers around the world the opportunity to make informed decisions about the transparency, traceability and circularity of our products.”

President and CEO, Chloé

Chloé products are authenticated using data from the original purchase to confirm product ownership, and products are shipped to Vestiaire Collective’s warehouse for review in advance of being sent out to buyers. In the future, authentication will be enabled directly via the Digital ID. When the customer activates this functionality, EON permissions Vestiaire Collective to connect to product data within the Digital ID via the EON API, and to push resale “events” data back to the product’s Digital ID when they take place. This exchange of information provides Chloé with new insights for competitive advantage including the number of products that were resold, their resale price and more.

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