Nicole Rigas
VP Brand Strategy + Communications, EON
November 16, 2023

The new media channel – your product

Brands can now connect one-on-one with customers through their products, enabling a new world of possibilities. This dynamic new media channel is expanding the definition of what it means to provide exceptional service, even post-sale.

What if your products could connect one-on-one with their owners? What possibilities would this create for your business? From unlocking post-purchase customer services to hyper-personalized shopping recommendations, connected products are a dynamic new media channel for in-store and post-purchase marketing. This month, we're taking a closer look at how connected products have become a new marketing channel and the undeniable potential they bring for innovative, new use cases.

Why are brands turning to a new media channel?

Existing marketing channels are becoming increasingly expensive as brands compete for consumer attention. What matters most and will continually bring business back again and again is the customer experience, which finds its success in brands leveraging new technologies to foster exceptionally great service.

With rising expectations from customers to provide next-gen experiences and extended services, digitized products are delivering game-changing opportunities for brands looking to engage consumers and win in oversaturated markets. Digital IDs have become key to streamlining the customer purchase journey - enabling product data and storytelling to be shared across multiple touch points – in store, during that magic moment when a customer first takes their product home and when it is passed from one product owner to another through resale.

How retailers are using Digital IDs to acquire, engage and retain customers

Providing customers with an easy, instant way to resell

Making it just as easy to sell as it is to buy, Digital ID-enabled Instant Resale allows customers to scan their product and resell in just a few clicks. Products are authenticated and listings are pre-filled through the item’s Digital ID, creating a streamlined customer journey. Brands like Chloé and PANGAIA are leveraging this use case today.

Enabling the future of commerce with smart closets, virtual styling and hyper-personalization

Digital IDs are providing a new means for brands to stay in touch with consumers post-purchase through integrations with Digital Wardrobe applications. Customers can scan their products and instantly upload into a smart closet that enables easy styling, social sharing and in the future, personalized shopping recommendations.  Brands are teaming up with technology partners such as Save Your Wardrobe, the 2023 winner of the LVMH Innovation Award Grand Prize, to implement these capabilities.

Increasing retention with loyalty programs, product authentication and post-sale services

The customer journey no longer ends when customers leave the store. The post-sale experience is ripe for innovation, and brands using Digital IDs have a continuous channel to deliver services, loyalty programs and warranty guarantees long after their products' date of sale. Hylo Athletics offers repair, resale and recycling options through their products’ Digital IDs to prolong the item lifecycle. Luxury brands like Mulberry are offering authentication via Digital ID on products to deliver customers ongoing services for repair, resale and more.

Engaging customers with unique content and experiences

Brands are bringing a host of new experiences and content to customers that are exclusively available through their products' Digital IDs. Some are immersing gaming, NFTs and augmented reality into their products, while others are tapping into music to create a multi-sensory experience for consumers like Ahluwalia. Companies are expanding the universe of their brands with product media channels, allowing customers to register their products to their accounts, offering exclusive events and more.

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