Julie Brown
Head of Sustainability, EON
July 12, 2022

All you need to know about Digital Care Labels

Fashion has a new focus: replacing those itchy, annoying tags we’re still stitching into our clothes. As the American Apparel and Footwear Association calls on the US Congress for action, Digital Care Labels are gaining popularity among retailers – offering consumers so much more than just information on how to wash their clothes. Get the latest on Digital Care Labels below.

1. What is a Digital Care Label?

Digital Care Labels are an alternative to physical clothing labels that provide consumers with access to material and care information digitally. Brands can attach QR codes or NFC tags on their labels, or print a QR code on their products to do away with the label entirely. Information can be accessed by scanning the interactive label with a mobile device.

2. What new policy is being considered?

On June 9th, 2022, the AAFA wrote a letter to the US Congress requesting legislation that would allow labeling information on clothes to be delivered to consumers through digital labels using technologies such as QR codes. The policy is currently being considered and there is no set timeline for its implementation.

3. How is EON involved?

EON has supported the industry’s adoption of Digital Care Labels and is participating in AAFA’s Label Modernization Working Group. The AAFA also served as part of the Advisory Board that finalized the Circular Product Data Protocol (CPDP) – the shared language for digital identification of products.The CPDP is a way for the industry to standardize Digital Care Labels in order to easily access information across various stakeholders.

EON clients are already using Digital Labels, and we work with any hardware (e.g QR code, NFC tag). We connect these labels to a unique Digital ID to ensure products can be instantly identified throughout their lifetimes.

With these Digital Labels and Digital IDs, EON is able to help brands in creating bespoke digital microsites containing in-depth product information, care instructions and branded services such as resale and recycling.

4. What are the current challenges to implementation?

Like with any new technology, there will be a time period when brands may introduce this new consumer behavior and educate their audience on the additional benefits Digital Care Labels provide. Our goal at EON is for digital labels to be ubiquitous throughout commerce so that they are widely accepted as the new standard for product information.


Enable insights and services

Digital Care Labels can include material, design, origin and care information along with after-sale services and instructions for end-of-life.

Lifelong connection

Digital Care Labels can be embedded or printed on clothing items, ensuring product information remains connected to the item for its lifecycle.

Store and share data

Information can be stored in a Product Cloud platform, such as EON, enabling it to be exchanged and actioned throughout the industry via an API.








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