Inside Coach's Digital Product Passport Strategy

Go inside Coach's Digital Product Passport strategy in our recent webinar hosted by Sourcing Journal.

September 27, 2023
11AM / 4PM GMT
Natasha Franck
Founder + CEO, EON
Jasmin Malik Chua
Sourcing + Labor Editor, Sourcing Journal
Joon Silverstein
SVP, Global Marketing + Sustainability, and Head of Coachtopia, Coach
Julie Brown
Head of Sustainability, EON

The Internet brought fashion online. Now the Internet of Things is bringing the online world into every garment. In our webinar “Digital Product Passports: Shaping the Future of Commerce”, Coach's SVP of Global Marketing + Sustainability and Head of Coachtopia, Joon Silverstein, shared Coachtopia's vision and strategy for Digital Product Passports, and how the brand is using EON’s technology to drive end-to-end transparency, unlock new business models and creating lifelong customer connections.

Fashion luxury house Coach has been an early adopter of Digital Products Passports, leveraging EON’s platform to drive continuous customer relationships, support circularity goals and increase product value for its circular sub-brand, Coachtopia. This has built the foundation for a circular business model transformation, in addition to complying with DPP regulations. In the webinar, Silverstein shared the three main reasons Coach has implemented Digital Product Passports and the value they are seeing through the Coachtopia brand:

First, data-driven transparency.

“We've learned from our Gen Z community that they want brands to be more open and honest about their sustainability efforts, to not only share intents but [to share] quantifiable impacts and to bring [consumers] along on the journey,” she said.

Second, facilitating circular product journeys.

“One of Coachtopia’s core circularity principles is to design each product for multiple lives, so it can be more easily repaired, disassembled, remade, recycled for second and even third life, and to scale the circular pathway so our products can stay in use and out of landfill,” she said.

Third, community engagement.

Customers can connect the product’s digital passport to their Coach account and access a range of circular services that will help prolong the lifespan of their product. This connection is possible regardless of where the customer buys the product.

"What's nice about Digital Product Passports is that even when we're selling in wholesalers with third party partners, we can develop that direct connection to consumers. It allows consumers to connect to our products and begin a richer dialog with us. In so many ways, we've become so disconnected from the people and processes behind the products, and it’s exciting to tell more human storytelling around each of our products and the journey we're on together."

Joon Silverstein
SVP Global Marketing, Creative and Sustainability and Head of Coachtopia, Coach

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