Scaling Textile-to-Textile Recycling with Digital IDs

In our webinar with Accelerating Circularity, we explore a roadmap for how Digital ID technology can unlock scaled textile-to-textile recycling systems.

November 22, 2022
11AM / 4PM GMT
Natasha Franck
Founder + CEO, EON
Chad Bolick
SVP, Brand Sales, Unifi Manufacturing
Karla Magruder
Founder, Accelerating Circularity
Amelia Eleiter
CEO + Co-Founder, Debrand

One of the main barriers to scaled circular business models is the lack of technology infrastructure to identify and manage goods after sale. To mark the launch of our Industry-Aligned Action Plan: Scaling Circular Systems with Digital IDs, EON and Accelerating Circularity share how Digital IDs can be a viable solution to profitably grow fashion’s circular economy.

What you'll learn:

  • A roadmap for how brands and circular business partners can leverage Digital IDs to scale new business models
  • Why a shared digital infrastructure and adoption of global standards is essential for brands to grow textile-to-textile circular business models.
  • Best practices for brands to deploy Digital IDs and connect them to an interoperable fashion system.

"If designed correctly, Digital ID solutions have the potential to provide brands with the financial incentives for scalability, customers with services and transparency, circular value chain stakeholders with essential product and material data, and policy initiatives with the data for measurement and accountability."

Karla Magruder
Founder, Accelerating Circularity

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