Introducing the Circular Product Data Protocol

To mark the launch of the Circular Product Data Protocol (CPDP), this webinar aims to explain what the protocol is, why it was developed and how it brings value to the entire fashion ecosystem.

March 22, 2022
11AM / 4PM GMT
Julie Brown
Head of Sustainability, EON
Gerhard Heemsherk
Business Consultant, UNECE
Naz Kazazoglu
Business Designer, YOOX Net-a-Porter Group

The Circular Product Data Protocol is the global identification system for apparel products in the circular economy, enabling resellers and recyclers to digitally identify products and access essential material information. In the webinar, we explore how the Circular Product Data Protocol can unite the industry through a single common language, to support the transition to new business models like resale.

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"When we receive product from our partners, usually its boxes or trucks of unknown things so our sort process is completely manual... But next customers want to know what a product is, its original sale price, the collection it's from etc, so that is when we realized we need a Digital ID."

Nicole Bassett
Founder, The Renewal Workshop

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