Tag, You're It. How EON is Keeping Fashion Accountable.

Marie Claire

Clothing tags. Those skin-scratching additions to our clothes that have rarely saved us from shrinking our favorite shirt. Those generic labels so overlooked that many are purposely designed to be conveniently ripped off. At least, until now. Natasha Franck, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the software platform EON, saw an opportunity to use clothing labels as a way to add transparency and accountability to the style industry; a solution to help make fashion more sustainable using something that already exists. Her idea was to tag a garment with a unique digital ID in the form of a QR code, NFC tag, or other data carrier that, when scanned, gives consumers important knowledge about their item. Like information about the clothing’s fabrics, supply chain conditions, amount of water used to make the item, and point of sale.

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